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Will My Pandemic Weight Gain Hurt My Health?

Will My Pandemic Weight Gain Hurt My Health?

AdvertisementShould we be surprised we gained weight in a year we were all sitting at home more out of necessity? “If people gained weight because of the pandemic, it’s not the end of the world.”A context that’s missing from the Times story above (and most coverage that raises concern about pandemic weight gain) is that most adults put on a few pounds each year, as Whigman explained. “Keeping that in mind, let’s say someone gained five pounds over the course of the pandemic,” Whigham said. What every story about pandemic weight gain or the so-called “quarantine 15” gets wrong is an extreme focus on the number on the scale, rather than literally any other health metric. “Not only is weight not a static number year over year, but it’s not a static number day to day or week to week,” Adler said.

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