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What Information Is Stored On Passport RFID Chips?

What Information Is Stored On Passport RFID Chips?

302 Shares PinMore and more countries around the world are now issuing passports that contain RFID chips. These RFID chips are designed to be scanned wirelessly to prevent fraud; but what data about you exactly is stored on your passport RFID chip? The RFID chips in a passport are activated by a special type of reader that gives them enough energy to dump their contents. What’s On Most Passport RFID ChipsThis varies from country to country since the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which sets world passport standards, hasn’t specified what data should (or shouldn’t) be on RFID chips. What concerns privacy advocates is that the data from passport RFID chips can be read from a distance (wirelessly) with someone with the right equipment and knowledge.

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