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The 8 most beautiful places in Arabia

The 8 most beautiful places in Arabia

With Saudi Arabia only recently opening up to international visitors, its beauty spots aren’t yet as recognisable (or overrun) as they perhaps deserve to be. The destination is home to Nabatean tombs to rival Petra, pristine dive spots that compete favourably with any of Egypt’s and great canyons that are as awe-inspiring as the well-trodden ones populating several American national parks. The landscape is as diverse and layered as the country's ancient culture of traders, poets, pilgrims and prophets, which can be experienced in the souks of gleaming modern cities as well as around the desert homes of prophets and poets, princes and pilgrims. Much of the south-eastern region is covered by the vast Empty Quarter, the world’s largest sand desert. Here are eight spots you shouldn't miss.

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