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Preserving the Shackleton and Scott Huts

Preserving the Shackleton and Scott Huts

For an over a decade, conservationists of the Antarctic Heritage Trust–a Christchurch, New Zealand-based historical preservation organization–endured year-round harsh conditions to preserve three iconic Antarctic explorers’ huts and their possessions. Known as the Imperial Trans Antarctic Expedition, two parties intended to sledge boats from either side of the landmass, meet at Beardmore Glacier, and proceed to Ross Sea. With excessive persistence, Shackleton and a few of his men rescued the team’s second half–the Ross Sea Party, which was likewise stranded–19 months later. Buried under snow, warped by ice and threatened by deterioration, the outposts that were once occupied by Shackleton’s Ross Sea Party and Captain Robert Falcon Scott had been redlined as endangered sites on the World Monuments Fund watch list. Photos courtesy of the Antarctic Heritage Trust

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