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How To Start Hormone Replacement Therapy

How To Start Hormone Replacement Therapy

Navigating health care as a trans person is hard, especially with so many conflicting and wildly sensationalist stories out there about trans health care. When done right, many transition-related treatments, including hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or gender-affirming hormone therapy, are associated with overwhelmingly positive outcomes in terms of both physical and mental health. VICE spoke to several experts on trans health care to clear up some of the most common nitty-gritty questions people might have about hormone therapy, even if they might already know the basics. If you have Medicaid, there are 22 states, plus Puerto Rico and D.C., that explicitly cover transition-related health care, but also 11 states whose Medicaid policies exclude transition-related health care. The Endocrine Society recommends that hormone therapy start at 16, but according to UCSF’s Center for Transgender Excellence, some clinics recommend determining hormone therapy on an individual basis, rather than by age.

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