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DIY ‘Needle-Free’ Lip Fillers Are Still Injections—And Still Dangerous

DIY ‘Needle-Free’ Lip Fillers Are Still Injections—And Still Dangerous

She said she spent time Googling the device and eventually decided to take the plunge and try the hyaluron pen for herself. According to the American Med Spa Association, some companies seem to have picked up on the cottage industry of administering these injectables, and offer hyaluron pen training courses for people looking to start their own hyaluron pen business—appealing, given the low price of the pen itself. She has since stopped using the hyaluron pen, but “[I] do credit it as an important stepping stone in my learning process,” she said. “I have seen several doctors, who I respect, express concerns regarding the hyaluron pen,” Snook said. That kind of distinction, though, would likely be lost on someone who came across the hyaluron pen in a 15-second clip and used that snippet to inform their choices.

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