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China Sets Up ‘Barrier’ Atop Everest As Nepal Basecamp Hit With Covid Surge

China Sets Up ‘Barrier’ Atop Everest As Nepal Basecamp Hit With Covid Surge

A Sherpa has confirmed people are being sent down with Covid symptoms regularly, though often the climbers are being “diagnosed” with High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE). ADVERTISEMENTStaff at hospitals in Kathmandu are reporting that climbers are moving down from Everest basecamp and being treated at their facilities for positive Covid infections. Dhaulagiri, the 7th-highest peak in the world, is also seeing climbers sent down with Covid symptoms, as respiratory sickness runs rampant through basecamps there as well. Nepal depends heavily on Everest tourism for income and with last year’s season impacted by Covid, it may be that officials are downplaying the infections running through Everest and Dhaulagiri’s basecamp. China, meanwhile, has not allowed foreign climbers to ascend Everest from the Tibetan side since the Covid pandemic began last year.

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