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Beloved Kitchen Brand OXO Jumps Into Car Camping

Beloved Kitchen Brand OXO Jumps Into Car Camping

America’s Test Kitchen, that venerable source of invaluable beta about recipes, cooking techniques, and kitchen hardware, adores OXO products. Relatively inexpensive, sturdy, very well-designed and easy to use, OXO utensils like spatulas, can openers, tongs, and the like already make pretty good camp cookware in their regular kitchen form. The 10 piece set includes knife, spatula, tongs, coffeemaker, grill brush, cutting board, pan scraper, squeeze bottles, can opener, and fork/spoon set. ADVERTISEMENTYou can easily just use one of OXO’s regular, non-camp pieces for your camp set, and we haven’t tried out the camp kitchen set yet, but if you’re in the market for some new stuff, OXO is very hard to beat, in our experience. It’s an REI exclusive for a couple years before OXO rolls out all over the outdoor space.

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