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Barbados: a new sense of identity

Barbados: a new sense of identity

Informally known as little England, Barbados has long been seen as a home-from-home for British travellers, who annually gravitate to Holetown’s beachfront restaurants, St James’s smart hotels and Bathsheba’s wild surf spots. But what does this forward-facing Barbados really look like on the ground? Barbadian artist Sheena Rose Marcus NilssonTHE CONTEMPORARY ARTISTAdvertisementSHEENA ROSEThe multidisciplinary creative has long used her work to call it as she sees it, taking on issues of belonging, sexuality and identity. ‘The island is made up of West African and British cultural influences, but for me, modern Barbados is getting rid of the hangover of colonialism,’ says Piggott. ‘Whether that’s homophobic laws, a rigid education system or the reverence still placed on plantation sites.’ pinkcoconuts.comKeep scrolling for more images of Barbados and its positively charged communityLike this?

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