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Anti-Capitalist Teens Are Sharing Shoplifting Tips on TikTok

Anti-Capitalist Teens Are Sharing Shoplifting Tips on TikTok

Eighteen-year-old Lucy* started shoplifting around a year ago, when she wanted a necklace that she couldn’t afford. What started out as a way to share a glittery PowerPoint she made for a friend on how to shoplift is now part of what is known as “Borrowing TikTok”. But according to those involved, Borrowing TikTok is about more than just teaching people how to steal stuff. The borrowing community is mainly US-based – Lucy and Destiny are both Americans – with teens from wealthier countries like the UK and Australia joining in. For sociology lecturer Dan Mercea, what stands out about the TikTok community is their offline activity, in contrast to most online-only clicktivism.

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