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A road trip through Utah's Moab

A road trip through Utah's Moab

If this corner of south-eastern Utah looks like a movie set, that’s because it is one. Hundreds of films and TV shows have been shot here amid the twisted red-rock fins, arches, craters and mesas encircling the eccentric town of Moab. Like the latter Ridley Scott movie, the region has serious road-trip chops, which I channel as I accelerate the Land Rover Discovery across the dusty tundra, back towards base. It’s a landscape that eats up every inch of the widescreen frame, demands we take notice of it. Now read:A road trip through West TexasA road trip through West Texas Inspiration A road trip through West TexasEscape Routes: Rocky Mountains, USAAdvertisementEscape Routes: Rocky Mountains, USA Podcast Escape Routes: Rocky Mountains, USAThe best road trips in Europe

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