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A Guide to (Most of the ) Used Gear Shops Across the Country

A Guide to (Most of the ) Used Gear Shops Across the Country

Buy used, buy used, buy used. But used gear stores also have something new gear stores can lack: mystery, and even a kind of soul. There are more than a hundred used gear shops across the nation—likely many more than that, actually, but they aren’t always easy to discover. The result: a non-exhaustive list of 100-plus used gear shops around the U.S. organized by state and city. Gear TradersWoodstockWebsite(802) 457-1451VirginiaHigh Tor Gear ExchangeCharlottesvilleWebsite(434) 260-4026Trail HutRichmondWebsite(804) 482-0508Roanoke Mountain AdventuresRoanokeWebsite(540) 525-8295WashingtonBackcountry EssentialsBellinghamWebsite(360) 543-5678Disco Bay Outdoor ExchangeDiscovery BayWebsite(360) 774-2114Superior Seconds Gear ExchangeIssaquahWebsite(425) 654-4340Olympia Gear ExchangeOlympiaWebsite(360) 890-4674Ascent OutdoorsSeattleWebsite(206) 545-8810Second Gear SportsSeattleWebsite(206) 935-3552Turntables & TrailsSeattleWebsite(206) 508-6841Specializing in outdoor gear and – you guessed it – audio equipment.

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