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5 Deals to Avoid on Amazon Prime Day 2021

5 Deals to Avoid on Amazon Prime Day 2021

In several product categories, if you’re able to hold off past Prime Day to make your purchase, there’s a good chance you will be rewarded with an extra discount of about 5% to 10% off. “Late August and early September will see the best pricing since Memorial Day on bedding and mattresses,” Nathan says, “and if you missed May sales, outdoor gear is also nicely discounted if you’re able to wait until close to the end of the season—say, late August or early September.” If you’re thinking about getting an early jump on holiday shopping, note that “toys see some Prime Day deals, but they see better pre-Christmas sales if you can wait,” Nathan says, while apparel is a category that, despite Amazon’s efforts, hasn’t really taken off as a Prime Day must-buy. Large appliances are one category, though, that you may want to purchase in July, which is the month they typically have their best pricing. However, “This year, it’s a crapshoot, due to product demand, delays, and a lack of sales relative to what’s typical,” Nathan adds. One more thing to keep in mind: Some states offer tax-free shopping weekends in August, so if you’re eyeing a qualifying large purchase, that difference in the total cost could be worth the wait.

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