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46 of the best holiday cottages in the UK

46 of the best holiday cottages in the UK

Calder Cottage, NorthumberlandThis compact one-bedroom cottage opposite the village pub in Embleton has a crisp simplicity that perfectly complements the ascetic beauty of the Northumbrian coastal landscape it sits in. The bedroom’s calmly muted colour scheme is enlivened by a stylish Ercol chair with bright, geometric-fabric David Hicks cushions. The owner, local farmer Guy Douglas, provides eggs from his free-range hens and a welcoming beer or two from one of the excellent local craft breweries. Calder Cottage has charm and dozens of perfectly chosen touches – posters of exhibitions by the artist Victor Pasmore, who spent most of his working life in Northumberland, and – who else? Fisherman Duncan in the shed by the loch will bring you langoustines (very fat and sweet) if you ask.

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