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30 EPIC Things to Do in Easter Island (2021 Guide)

30 EPIC Things to Do in Easter Island (2021 Guide)

Politically Easter Island belongs to Chile, but geographically the island is over 4000km away from the South American continent. We visited here in May 2017 and spent a week trying to discover all the things to do on Easter Island. Things To Do In Easter IslandMost people visit Easter Island on a short trip from Santiago, or from the other alternative at Tahiti. Travel Guide Easter IslandNow that you know all Easter Island attractions you must visit, next thing to decide is where to stay in Easter Island! Coupon: AGODANMD10Best Luxury Hotel In Easter Island – Hangroa Eco LodgeIn our opinion a visit to Easter Island is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and if you can afford it you should do it in style.

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