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Where was Succession filmed?

Where was Succession filmed?

One of Season 2’s most gruelling scenes takes place at the company retreat in Hungary, after a day shooting, drinking and plotting. Despite the ambience of old European royal residence, this was in fact shot close to Salutation Manor, at Oheka Castle in Huntington. Such simulation isn’t typical of the show, which generally goes where it says it is. In Season 1, Shiv’s wedding took place at the home of her English mother, Lady Caroline (Harriet Walter), filmed at Eastnor Castle (pictured above) in Herefordshire, a fantastical faux-medieval construction from the 19th century that has featured on film and TV for 50 years, including the BBC’s children’s classic The Box of Delights and Madonna’s reviled biopic of Wallace Simpson, W.E. Season 2 sees the Roys back in the UK, this time heading for Logan’s hometown of Dundee, where he’s honoured at the new space-age riverside V&A Museum, and also Glasgow, where filming took place around George Square in May 2019.

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