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Where to find the best rum in Cuba

Where to find the best rum in Cuba

To understand this Cuba you need to understand the island’s connection to rum, its national drink, and the bedrock of its uniquely welcoming hospitality. AdvertisementEminente rumThe latest rum to capture the soul of Cuba is Eminente, a spirit conjured from the island’s wild interior with its sweet sugar canes and untainted landscape. And it was in Cuba, from this concoction, that a cultural leap was taken, and in 1862 a new rum appeared. A sugar-cane spirit, the soul of Cuban rum, that changed everything, that represented the multicoloured, cheerful, hospitality of the Cuban people. Read next The best restaurants in Santorini, Greece Eating & Drinking The best restaurants in Santorini, GreeceAs Diaz puts it: 'Eminente is magnificent.

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