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Where is 'Sex Education' filmed?

Where is 'Sex Education' filmed?

South WalesFor Moordale High, the school attended by our heroes Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey), scenes were filmed at Caerleon campus in South Wales. Formerly one of the buildings of the University of Wales, Newport, it was closed in 2016 and has stood vacant ever since. Its 32 acres were once used to house around 4,500 students, but now its early-20th-century brickwork and striking clock tower are the basis for the show’s Anglo-American high-school hybrid. Much has been made about Sex Education's mid-Atlantic tone, but it’s no mistake. That means the Caerleon corridors are decorated with banners and wall lockers, as well as why school prefects wear letter jackets and the jocks play American football rather than football football.

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