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What’s In My Bag: Our Day Hiking Essentials

What’s In My Bag: Our Day Hiking Essentials

We put together a day hike checklist since I am notorious for leaving things behind and losing it out in the middle of nowhere. PinPinTop 10 Day Hiking EssentialsLightweight Day Hike Backpack (We usually share the REI flash 18 pack) Sunscreen (We use this) and face sunscreen (I use this) if you have sensitive skin like me. Hiking Shoes (After trying on dozens of pairs, I found these, and Jacob has had these for a while. (We usually take our 5d Mark III and 35/1.4L, but sometimes it’s good to just be present & enjoy the hike.) Check out some awesome day hikes we’ve been on:Other Resources:Now that you’ve seen what’s in my bag, what’s in your bag?

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