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What It’s Like Taking a ‘Flight to Nowhere’

What It’s Like Taking a ‘Flight to Nowhere’

The 85-minute flight takes passengers on an above ground view of Brunei’s lush forest and neighboring Malaysia’s airspace. In late August 2020, I found out that one of their \"Dine & Fly\" flight dates was on 20th September 2020 -- my fiancé Lily’s birthday. I would proudly say that it has been an honor to once again experience the lovely hospitality of what we called \"authentic Bruneian service\" from the RB Dine & Fly flight cabin crew on 20th September 2020. Upon boarding the flight we were greeted by the cabin crew and as usual, were guided to our seats. At 10:05 a.m, the plane touched the runway and took off from Brunei International Airport, and the 85 minutes “Dine & Fly” flight over Brunei began.

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