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Trump Is Only Encouraging the Violent 'Stop the Steal' Protests

Trump Is Only Encouraging the Violent 'Stop the Steal' Protests

See More →Four people were stabbed during “Stop the Steal” protests in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, and protesters supporting President Donald Trump’s false allegations that the election was rigged — including hundreds of Proud Boys — clashed with counterprotesters and police. Experts tracking the “Stop the Steal” movement’s growth online have been raising the alarm about how the spread of disinformation on social media could translate into real-world violence. And yet, despite the weekend’s violence, on Sunday night, the official Trump campaign Twitter account, which has 2.4 million followers, posted the following message:Rather than condemning Saturday’s violence and urging calm, President Trump spent Sunday continuing to spread disinformation to his followers. By a few weeks later, there were hundreds of groups on the platform, some of which had over 100,000 members. Thanks to the support of partisan media outlets like One America News Network and Newsmax, Trump has succeeded in raising over $200 million since Election Day.

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