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These Carbon Trekking Poles (Still) Cost Less than a Tank of Gas

These Carbon Trekking Poles (Still) Cost Less than a Tank of Gas

“I don’t need trekking poles,” you’ll shout at the trailhead, grinning enthusiastically while snapping a branch in half over your thigh to make your own walking stick. I once resisted trekking poles because I thought they were pointless, made loud clicking noises, and also kinda dorky, but mostly I didn’t want to spend $150 on fancy sticks. per pole (including wrist strap)Adjustable length: 28 – 53 inchesAvailable with twist lock or lever lockEVA foam / EVA foam + cork handle$45 • BUYOTHER CARBON FIBER TREKKING POLE OPTIONSIf you simply must have the Cadillac of trekking poles, and don’t mind spending $190, the Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Z Trekking Poles are about as good as it gets. Of course, you could spend even more for some of the lightest trekking poles on the market. The LEKI Micro Vario Carbon Black Series Trekking Poles weigh about 7 ounces each, though that comes at a price.

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