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The Ultimate Guide to HIKING in New Zealand (2021 Guide)

The Ultimate Guide to HIKING in New Zealand (2021 Guide)

Home | New Zealand | The Ultimate Guide to Hiking in New Zealand (2021 Update)Everything you need to know about hiking in New Zealand, in our ultimate trekking guide. Firstly, New Zealand has the Southern Alps which are a chain of mountains running centrally through the South Island. The Hooker Valley Track in Aoraki Mount Cook National Park is a real highlight when hiking in New Zealand. Best Time to Go Hiking in New ZealandThe timing for the best hiking in New Zealand can be hard to pick because of its vast array of environments. CramponsIce picksEmergency blanketEmergency beaconHeavily insulated gloves with warmersSnow gaiters[box] That’s it for my ultimate guide to the best New Zealand hikes.

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