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The Right to Repair Movement Is Poised to Explode in 2021

The Right to Repair Movement Is Poised to Explode in 2021

Whether it’s John Deere’s efforts to make tractor repair costly and annoying, Apple’s bullying of independent repair shops, or Sony and Microsoft’s attempt to monopolize game console repair, US corporations have done an incredible job the last few years driving bipartisan public interest in the “right to repair” movement. The surge in interest in right to repair isn’t great news for companies keen on perpetuating the waste inherent in planned obsolescence. In Massachusetts, the auto industry reverted to running ads that falsely claimed that right repair rules would somehow embolden sexual predators. In reality, companies largely just fear diminishing repair revenue, competition from independent repair shops, and a loss of control, activists say. “Despite the broad popularity of right to repair among legislators and voters of both parties, it's a battle,” he said.

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