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The Oneonta Gorge Hike to Lower Oneonta Falls

The Oneonta Gorge Hike to Lower Oneonta Falls

While living in Portland, we’ve done this Oneonta Gorge hike several times. Overall the Oneonta Gorge hike is quick but has some fun obstacles. ONEONTA GORGE HIKE TO LOWER ONEONTA FALLSDistance: 1.0 miles round tripElevation Gain: 0 FeetDifficulty: Moderate-DifficultSeasons: August to OctoberWhat You See: Lower Oneonta Falls, Swimming Hole in High SummerTrailhead Coordinates: 45.58948,-122.07531 1.0 miles round trip0 FeetModerate-DifficultAugust to OctoberLower Oneonta Falls, Swimming Hole in High SummerPinNote: What used to be once a local spot or hidden treasure has become a huge tourist attraction. PinPin PinPinPin PinPinPin PinPinPin PinPinPinPinPin PinPinPinJacob’s cousin traversed over and kept relatively dry, but we saw several others try and fall in. For Oneonta gorge directions, here’s the destination point on google maps.

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