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The best restaurants in Paris right now

The best restaurants in Paris right now

Le CadoretDish to order: Île flottante, crème caramelThe holy grail: classic French food, not too fancy, brilliantly well prepared and super value. The food, at a glance, might seem unadventurous, but there is great skill in cooking a really wonderful blanquette de veau or steak frites with béarnaise. Starters such as potato, fermented cabbage and haddock or homemade boudin noir are produce-led and delicate, and retro puddings (île flottante, crème caramel) are subtle, not sticky. The corner site is a short walk from Belleville Métro, with Parc des Buttes-Chaumont close by to the north for a hilly walk after lunch. The decor is deliberately unstudied, and hip-hop resounds – not too bombastically – around the relaxed, family-friendly space.

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