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The Best Rentals on Sonder, the New Homeshare Site

The Best Rentals on Sonder, the New Homeshare Site

“We thoroughly clean and disinfect each Sonder before and after every stay,” the company says on each listing. AdvertisementSo, who might wanna do a Sonder Stay (as they're called) instead of book an Airbnb? If you are looking for dusted, retro pads in Joshua Tree with lived-in charm, however, Sonder probably isn’t for you. It’s like booking a squeaky clean Airbnb and getting it dom daddy’d by a boutique hotel group. And now that we’re vaxxed up and ready to hop planes between new cities [spins spurs], we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite picks for Sonder Stays in the United States—and beyond.

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