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The best Airbnbs in Dorset

The best Airbnbs in Dorset

There’s nothing quite like a British summer holiday beside the sea. Brutal winds whip up sandstorms that throw half the beach into your cucumber sandwiches; icy waters leave brave swimmers looking painfully pink from the neck down, and someone’s guaranteed to have forgotten the flasks of hot tea. But there’s nothing quite like those wonderful days when the sun conquers the clouds, the sky is bright blue and the sound of out-of-tune ice-cream trucks trundle down coastal roads. As well as having some of the UK’s best beaches, Dorset is brimming with other beautiful locations from towering abbeys to crumbling ruins. Here, we’ve rounded up the best Airbnbs to experience it all from – the most inviting seaside properties and rural cottages to hole up in after a day exploring the county’s prettiest spoils.

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