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The 8 best train journeys in the UK

The 8 best train journeys in the UK

Exeter St Davids to Newton AbbotFor unsuspecting travellers, this 18-minute journey might feel like any other urban trip. The rails roll past graffitied walls, the backs of terraced houses and a strip of factories. But look to the left and watch as the green marshland narrows to a point, the trees drop away and the train seems to hug the majestic, mile-wide river Exe. Curving down the coast, the train swings inland once more and runs along the river Teign before coming to a stop at Newton Abbot. Now read:The best train journeys through EuropeThe best train journeys through Europe Inspiration The best train journeys through EuropeBeautiful train station architectureBeautiful train station architecture Architecture Beautiful train station architectureThe 10 best train journeys in the worldThe 10 best train journeys in the world Inspiration The 10 best train journeys in the world

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