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Spicy One Pot Jambalaya with Orzo

Spicy One Pot Jambalaya with Orzo

Combining orzo pasta, dehydrated veggies, summer sausage, rich tomato powder, and spicy cajun seasoning, this jambalaya is ready to eat in minutes but tastes like it has been simmering on the stovetop all day. Why It Works For Backpacking• Big flavor, small pot. Using spicy cajun seasoning and tomato powder, this jambalaya has a complexity of flavor that is rarely found in backpacking meals, and it uses only one pot so you’re not stuck doing a ton of dishes in the backcountry. This homemade one pot backpacking meal is worth washing a dish for – it combines orzo pasta with a spicy and flavorful sauce that will fill you right up after a long day of exploring. Ingredient Notes• The level of spice in Cajun seasoning can vary greatly from brand to brand.

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