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Specialized Execs: ‘Prepare for Bike Shortages to Last Another Year’

Specialized Execs: ‘Prepare for Bike Shortages to Last Another Year’

It’s the best of times and it is the worst of times for bikes and component sales. There are massive lag times for most new bike deliveries, and components are backordered everywhere, with some parts more than a year away from being shipped to customers. Some overseas factories did shut down for a time, and shipping is way up in general for tons of products, but with the bike shortage, it’s mostly a surge in demand that has overwhelmed factories. Robert Margevicius, Executive VP at Specialized, gave a speech this week for the Tapei Cycle Online Show in which he pointed to a 38 percent surge in bike sales in 2020, which has destroyed the supply chain. We’re looking at another year of shortages of bikes and bike parts.

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