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Researchers Create 'Master Faces' to Bypass Facial Recognition

Researchers Create 'Master Faces' to Bypass Facial Recognition

Researchers have demonstrated a method to create \"master faces,\" computer generated faces that act like master keys for facial recognition systems, and can impersonate several identities with what the researchers claim is a high probability of success. According to the paper, their findings imply that facial recognition systems are “extremely vulnerable.”The \"master key\" faces tended to be older, and didn't have glasses or facial hair. This is what teaches it to predict candidates’ success and, in turn, direct the algorithm to generate better candidates with a higher probability of passing. “We are interested in further exploring the possibility of using the master faces generated by our method in order to help protect existing facial recognition systems from such attacks,” Shmelkin told Motherboard. The researchers even predict that their master faces could be animated using deepfake technology to bypass liveness detection, which is used to determine whether a biometric sample is real or fake.

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