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Recipe: How to make The Palomar’s grilled aubergine

Recipe: How to make The Palomar’s grilled aubergine

Here, he shows us how to make The Palomar’s grilled aubergine drizzled with tahini, topped with cucumber yogurt and cherry tomatoes. I have adapted the usual flavours used in siniya – tahini, yogurt, lemon, pine nuts – to enhance the flavour of the classic Israeli vegetable: the aubergine, which is always abundantly available at markets. We normally cook the aubergine in the Josper at The Palomar, but it can be made under a very hot grill at home. It's best enjoyed by just scooping the flesh, baked tahini and yogurt out of the aubergine skin and spooning it onto warmed pittas. Rub the spice mix all over the cut side of the aubergine and leave to rest.

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