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Meet the First Guy to Chuck a Bomb at an Avalanche Hazard

Meet the First Guy to Chuck a Bomb at an Avalanche Hazard

In Alta, Utah, when heavy storms blow in, snow safety experts fire 105mm recoilless rifles across the highway to blast unstable snow off the steep slopes of Mt. Indeed, Atwater is the founding father of avalanche safety and forecasting as we know it in North America. When Atwater first came to Utah, he became a “snow ranger” under the supervisor of the Wasatch National Forest, Felix C. Koziol. ADVERTISEMENTThrough careful observation, Atwater mapped out active avalanche terrain throughout the range and gathered weather data to better understand factors that created unstable snow. Legend has it they nicknamed him “Señor Boom Boom.”Atwater would go on to author five books about avalanche safety, from technical handbooks to historical accounts of his time in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

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