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Leaked Racist Messages Show ‘Leftist’ YouTuber Isn’t

Leaked Racist Messages Show ‘Leftist’ YouTuber Isn’t

Over the weekend, online leftists leaked racist and antisemitic Discord messages posted by SocialismDoneLeft, a YouTuber who does socialism and politics explainers and videos. The messages have started a wider conversation in the “Breadtube'' community about the utility of YouTubers in the broader leftist world. SocialismDoneLeft is a socialist YouTuber in the broad, loosely categorized group of YouTubers that's been dubbed \"BreadTube\" by fans. The messages, some of which SocialismDoneLeft has admitted to posting, apparently come from the YouTuber Destiny’s Discord channel and were largely made in 2019. When these messages were initially leaked by a Black leftist Twitter user, they said that they anticipated that SocialismDoneLeft would say that some of these messages were jokes.

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