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Is this the coolest new hotel in Paris?

Is this the coolest new hotel in Paris?

The original Costes, on Rue Saint-Honoré, was one of theearliest cult anti-hotels. A spa with the biggest indoor pool in Paris is in the works under both parts of the hotel. ‘And Christian kept bugging me to let him design the new hotel.’ Yet somehow the vibe feels similar, an eclectic artwork here, a flash of rich damask upholstery there. ‘It’s very important that we remain a typical Parisian hotel.’ Doubles at the Castiglione from about £1,040; hotelcostes.comAdvertisementLike this? What it's like to take a trip from the UKThe 25 best hotels in ParisAdvertisementThe 25 best hotels in Paris Places To Stay The 25 best hotels in ParisThe best restaurants in Paris right now

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