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Iceland’s 4 Best Day Trips from Reykjavík

Iceland’s 4 Best Day Trips from Reykjavík

The key is being selective, and these four day trips from Reykjavík clearly rise to the top. (tie) Golden CircleThe quintessential Icelandic day trip is a 150-mile loop east of the capital — figure about four hours of driving, plus at least another four or five for sightseeing stops. The South Coast is an achingly beautiful terrain of bald, craggy mountains blanketed in green, giving it an almost Celtic feel. The South Coast is more outdoorsy, with stirring coastal scenery and a few more substantial opportunities for easy to moderate hikes. You can hike across a glacier, snowmobile across a glacier, ride a boat across a glacier lagoon, or spelunk into a cave carved into a glacier.

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