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How to Set Up Your Indoor TV Antenna for the Best Reception

How to Set Up Your Indoor TV Antenna for the Best Reception

Why it’s helpful: Knowing the location of your local TV stations’ broadcast transmitters helps you make a better decision about where to place your antenna. The RCA app is particularly nice because it shows you which direction to orient the antenna for optimum reception of any specific station. In some cities—such as Denver, New York, and San Francisco—most of the TV transmitters are clustered together atop a mountain or a tall building, which makes positioning your antenna easier. But most cities—especially those in flatter areas, like Atlanta, Boston, and Houston—have TV transmitters in multiple locations. (Note: The channel number that appears on your TV screen is a “virtual channel” that may not reflect the actual radio-frequency channel the station uses—for instance, what you see as TV channel 2 might actually be transmitting on channel 28.)

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