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He Built Homes for the Homeless. So the City Sued Him

He Built Homes for the Homeless. So the City Sued Him

A Toronto carpenter, whose work to build miniature, winterized shelters for the homeless during the COVID-19 pandemic has received immense public support, is speaking out after the city requested an injunction against further construction of the shelters. The problem is that Toronto’s most vulnerable people are falling through the cracks,” Seivwright said, adding that unhoused people have told him they have “nowhere to go” and they “no longer trust” the city’s shelter system. “Is the capacity in the emergency shelter system very high? The ultimate goal is to get people permanent housing through the city’s Streets to Homes program, and the encampments complicate that transition, Ross said. “It’s painful to see the city weaponize the (threat of fire) against the life-saving capacity that tiny shelters have, because the amount of lives that they have saved is huge at this point.”

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