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'Frasurbane' Is the New 90s Decor Trend Based on... the Show 'Frasier'?

'Frasurbane' Is the New 90s Decor Trend Based on... the Show 'Frasier'?

Unless you’ve been living in a bag the past year (fair, dude), you’ve noticed that the naughty aughties came back. We have them to thank for an interior design style known as “Frasurbane,” which so perfectly encapsulates my 90s beige-core aspirations. Admittedly, I’m thrilled for those of us who’ve been living on the Frasier fringes [folds linen] to potentially see a comeback. Full blown, adult Frasurbane is about Vitrutvian Man decor, globes, and drowning your existential crises in espresso—it’s 90s Ethan Allen, Pottery Barn, and companies like Bernhardt Design, or Donghia. “[Frasurbane] took postmodern design in a new direction,” says Collins, “There’s a sense of playful surrealism which I personally appreciate.” An apt aesthetic, perhaps, for our increasingly surreal times.

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