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18 places in Europe our editors are booking for 2021

18 places in Europe our editors are booking for 2021

Norway is only a short flight away, and you see colourful low-rise cities, sea, fjord, forest and mountain scenes in one trip. I’ll fly into Oslo, maybe take the overnight train from Trondheim to Bodø, then head to Leknes, pick up a Tesla for a road trip – some crazy percentage of the population has electric cars so there are charging stations everywhere. Back at the wheel, I’d follow one of Norway's 18 scenic routes from Lofoten to Kvitnes Gård, and stay in an Airbnb room on a farm. I’m really keen to get to Davvi Siida to meet the Sami, and learn about the history and culture of these indigenous people here in the Arctic. Then finally I’d end up back in Oslo, if only to have dinner at Rest were they turn food waste into fine dining.'

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